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General Home Energy Inspections

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The general home energy inspection is a process where I go through the house inspecting all components
of the house that has to do with energy efficiency and provide a list of items that in my opinion should be
improved and could potentially save you money. This is not to be confused with an energy audit that is more
technical and can more accurately predict what improvements will cost and can save over time. Although,
with this inspection, I can give you an idea what areas you should make priority over others.

Just like the energy audit, the items that are inspected are:

  • Attic Insulation
  • Attic ventilation
  • Windows
  • Exterior doors and weather stripping
  • Operation and efficiency of heating and cooling systems
  • Operation and efficiency of water heaters
  • *Home air tightness testing using a blower door and identifying what areas air sealing should be
  • *Air duct insulation and air duct leakage testing

* Included in the general energy inspection. For more information on blower door and air duct testing and as
a stand alone service........
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Did you know that the improvements you make in energy efficiency are tax deductible?

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